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Monday, December 9, 2013

Next step - the Binding

After admitting defeat when I worked out I hadn’t actually put away any fabric after all for the binding of my Christmas quilt, I braved the rain and went shopping.  “I want something squidgy”, I told Kathy in the Krazy Cow quilt shop.  She knew exactly what I wanted and showed me the range of Moda Marbles.  Now, shall I get red or green?  I finally settled on a dark green with splashes of a lighter green.  As it’s only for the binding, there wont be much on show.  With the fabric washed, ironed, cut into strips and joined, I was all set to go.  It didn’t actually take too long at all to machine stitch it on the quilt.

PC080012Nearly finished - hand stitching the binding down

I’m a real “pinner” and like to have it all pinned down before I do the hand stitching at the back.  It’s quite satisfying doing this step, I always think.  I’m not quite finished yet, but I’m sure to reach my goal of having it all done in time for Wednesday evening.  That will be the last quilt club meeting of the year, and my long winded Christmas quilt will be finished in time for the final Show and Tell.  It sounds like a fun evening, a special supper, a bit of a sing-along, and no doubt a few high-jinks from the committee as well.


Sue said...

Nice to meet another pinner! Your quilt looks gorgeous.

Jenny said...

Thank you. I'm pleased it is finally done (must also stitch the label on).

There is a bit of a story behind this quilt - I'll have to relate it shortly.

Katie said...

(Waves to Sue.) No pinning for me. It would drive me insane. I move one or two pins or clips along as I go.

Viva la difference! :-)

Looking forward to the finished product.