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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in the Caravan

It’s almost Christmas, and that means special food.  You would think we were planning for a siege, so much “stuff” was taken from our kitchen and packed into the caravan.  In went the ham,  the Christmas cake and pudding, Christmas mince tarts, and the large containers of cream and custard.  Plus recipes and ingredients to make my contributions for Christmas Day.  And then there was a crate of gifts to pack, mustn’t forget those or we would be in trouble.  Something we did forget to pack were the potatoes, onions, and kumara.  I’m making my kumara salad for Christmas day, nice and tasty with bacon, nuts, dates and a little curry, so we stopped on our way up to Kiwitea to buy these missing items.

We will be staying in our caravan up here in rural Kiwitea for the next several days.  The caravan is looking quite festive with Christmas cushions on the couches, and my cute little red-work Santa hanging on the wall.  Santa’s over 10 years old now, but he still brings a smile to my face when I hang him up in the caravan each year.

PC230033 Red-work Santa in the caravan

And I’m rather fond of my pair of Rudolf brothers.  I hang these from the light fittings each side of our bed.  Robin wondered what on earth it was when I made the first one.  When I stitched the second one so we had one each he was speechless.  “Look at that knock kneed moose”, he says.  But I like them -  they are just so funny.

PC230032 These hang each side of the bed during Christmas.

I took the Christmas presents inside the house and added them to those already under the tree.  If I’m lucky there might be one or two for me under there.

PC230026  Lots of gifts under the tree

Daughter Nicky was busy in the kitchen working her way through a list of jobs.  Last one was to glaze the Christmas ham.  She removed the skin, scored the fat, basted it with a delicious smelling concoction and baked it in the oven.  It came out smelling wonderful and looking divine.   Can’t wait to try it on Christmas day.

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