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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Forgotten Finishes

How could I forget that I had made a series of little bags over the year?  Probably because it was some “secret sewing”, and posted out to friends as the year progressed.  They ended up in various sizes, depending how much fabric I had.  With a teddy bear stitchery panel, and made with sewing themed fabric, lined inside and a draw string top, I’m pleased with how they turned out. 

DSCF5613 Little bags looped over our side fence, all in a row

I stitched another little bag too during the year.  This was sent to my pen-friend Carol, who lives in South Dakota, USA, for Christmas. The stitchery panel has a little bird sitting on top of a Christmas Pudding, and I used a poinsettia fabric for the bag.

DSCF5614Made for Carol, USA,  for Christmas

When we return home next week, there should be a small parcel from Carol waiting for me.  Although we put in a request to get the mail stopped and held while we are away, parcels often come by courier.  Hopefully one of the neighbours will notice if we have any mail left on the doorstep and will gather it up and keep it safe for us.

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Nancy J said...

Bags are one of my favourites, and so good to see them lined up by the fence, perfect place for a photo shoot. Greetings to you both, Jean.