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Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Christmas Season in our New Home

Decorating for Christmas is a whole new ball game now we have moved to our new home.  In our former home I knew exactly where each wall hanging and Christmassy item went.  Down came this picture, to be replaced by that wall-hanging, and so on.  The small hall table was cleared and replaced with my collection of gold coloured Christmas trees, and a couple of treasured Jim Shore ornaments sent to me by overseas pen friends.  And the brass ornaments came off the top of the fireplace and were replaced by even more Christmassy things.  Living in a Lockwood home, we could bang small nails and hooks in just about anywhere.  But our new house is smaller, without a long hall, no fireplace, and less wall space to hang pictures and quilts.  So I had to make different decisions this year.

But I’m pleased with how it looks. The gold Christmas trees look good arranged on the dining room window sill, and I’ve got a few wall-hangings up in the lounge, although there isn't room to hang them all.. 

PC050039 Selvedge Christmas Tree
PC050027Crazy patch Christmas Tree made by my daughter many years ago

Two shelves were cleared in the wall unit, and I arranged things to my heart’s delight.  In went my Jim Shore’s, flanked by an Olde Worlde Santa and a small tree.  And my pretty little Christmas mice were arranged just above them.

PC050017 Christmas things on the wall unit

PC050034Christmas Mice, all gifts from pen friend Carol of South Dakota

Mind you, I had to climb up the narrow ladder into the loft to get my  Christmas things out.  They have been packed away in Christmas crates, so first I had to find which particular crates I needed, then get Robin to help get them down the stairs.  I’m always careful up there, with visions of falling and breaking a leg.

PC030015 Extra storage space up in the loft

Wonder where my large Christmas Wreath is?  Haven’t come across it yet.  And Robin will be stringing some fairy lights outside shortly, he told me.  So we are just about organised for Christmas.  I’m in the process of baking my first ever Christmas Cake – let’s hope it will be a success.  Then I’ll have to get busy and write a few more Christmas cards.  And I still haven’t finished my Christmas sewing.  Whew…… it’s certainly busy this time of year. 

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh what fun decorating your new home.
I see you have been redecorating your blog too. Very nice