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Monday, December 2, 2013

I Remember Making Those!

It was time to decorate the Christmas Tree, the grand-daughters informed us when we visited for lunch on Sunday.  Out came various cartons and the tree was assembled, and all the precious ornaments unwrapped.  Like most families, these ornaments had been collected over many years, and there was lots of discussion where they came from.  When the girls were younger, they had an annual trip down to the Kirks Christmas Shop in Wellington to meet up with their other grand-father, and they each got to choose an ornament.  With so many on display, that must have been a very difficult decision for them.

Out of hiding came a little Santa that I had made several years ago – in fact I’ve got several other versions of this design which get an annual outing in our caravan at this time of year.

PC010050 Hello Santa

Then there was the “Counting Down to Christmas” wall-hanging I made for the girls way back in December 2000.  They still like to hang it up each year, and it is so nice to see that it is still appreciated.  This was a panel, and I quilted around each motif.

PC010059 Made in December 2000

This one was too ugly to go on the tree, it was decided.  It has flashing eyes and talks too, so weird.  Nevertheless, it is still quite a favourite with Megan.
PC010038 This one is spooky

As further ornaments were unwrapped, we came across several I had bought for the grand-daughters, and a very special one I remember purchasing for my daughter, Nicky, my very special daughter.

PC010045 Bought for my daughter some time ago

Emma was in her element placing the decorations “just-so” until she was satisfied with her work.  Then a whole heap of wrapped gifts came out and were placed under the tree.  Younger grand-daughter Megan told me that she has finished all her Christmas shopping – this family must be much more organised than us.

PC010030 Emma trimming the tree

I’m not nearly that organised, still got to do the decorating here at home, make a Christmas Cake, write out some letters to go in the cards.  Plus I’ve still got sewing to do for Christmas too – oh dear, hope I get everything done in time!

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