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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cheese Puffs

With friends coming for lunch today, I decided to whip up another batch of Cheese Puffs.  There had been a request for the recipe I use, so here it is.  Adapted from “A Real Gem”, Tried and Tested Recipes from the Eastern Bay of Plenty Country Women’s Institute.
2 cups flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 2 cups grated cheese, 1 cup chopped parsley
Mix together with 2 beaten eggs and enough milk to make a runny dough
Put into greased 12 hole muffin pan
Cook 180 degrees 15-20 mins till well risen and browned
Serve warm with butter, yummy!
P9290023 Cheese Puffs, fresh from the oven

Because I wanted to make them just before lunch, I had all the dry ingredients placed together in the mixing bowl, left it covered, then just had to add the eggs and milk when I was ready to mix it all together.

P9290013 Ready for the wet ingredients

They are best eaten the same day.  I usually freeze any leftovers.  If we fancy something extra for lunch, it is easy to pull a couple out of the bag, and pop them in the microwave to warm through.  Do let me know if you try them.

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