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Friday, September 27, 2013

Embroideries at the Library

Embroidery is alive and well in sunny Levin.  I know because today I popped down to the library to select a couple of books for the upcoming Book Club.  (This month's category is the Tudors – would have to be my favourite time in history).  Members of the Horowhenua Embroiderers Guild had pieces of their work displayed in the library, so I stopped to have a look.  Such a variety of work, from cross stitch, to hardanger, stump work and black work.  There was even some pulled thread work, which I remember doing many years ago when I was at Primary School.  My stitching from all those years ago was nothing like the fine work on display.  Who else can remember stitching pulled thread work at school on a piece of sacking to make an oven cloth for our Mums?  We used wool threaded onto a bodkin, if I remember rightly.

I’ve always admired hardanger, though I don’t know if I could trust myself with cutting the threads between the stitching.  My clever daughter stitched me two pretty runners many years ago when she was a young Mum home looking after her youngsters.

P9270020 Selection of hardanger pieces

P9270023Stump work

The stitching on this 3D hydrangea picture was so fine, lots of tiny stitches and beads.  It looks like the background was painted onto fabric.

P9270025  3D Hydrangea picture

And there was a lovely wall hanging which caught my eye, beautifully machine quilted which accentuated the flowers and leaves. 

P9270027 Poppy wall-hanging

The librarian who runs the Book Club stopped for a quick chat.  She also organises the monthly displays, and the local potters will be the next group to show their work.  I’m sure that will be worth checking out too.

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