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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quilting Shades of Green table runner

Back on track again with the green table runner, I finished quilting in the ditch between the strips.  Now – what shall I do in the middle square?  Something a bit more interesting that straight lines, I thought.  Perhaps something swirly?  I’m certainly not an expert machine quilter, by any means, so spent a little time looking through some books for inspiration.  After finding a suitable pattern, the next question was how to mark it on the top.  Then I remembered that I had bought a roll of Golden Threads quilting paper some time ago.

P9010002 Golden Threads quilting paper

This is rather like tissue paper.  So I traced out the design, pinned it in place and quilted around the lines.

P9020003Just follow the traced lines

And the bonus was that the paper ripped away easily when I had finished.

P9020004 The paper half removed

I was really impressed with this product.  According to the instructions, it is also easy to make multiple copies of the same design.  Just trace one, then layer with 5 or 6 other sheets and machine stitch around the lines without any thread in the machine.  How easy is that!

The binding is on the runner, so my next job is to sit quietly and hand stitch it down.  Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, we’ll see how the day pans out.

1 comment:

loulee said...

That's a good idea. I wonder if baking parchment or other kitchen papers would work? I'm sure they would.
Your design looks nice, looking forward to seeing the completed runner.