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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Patchwork and Pastries

We had a couple of reasons to visit the big city of Wellington yesterday.  The weather wasn’t the best, it rained, and rained, and rained some more, as only Wellington can.  Living further north in the milder climate of Levin these days, we didn’t bother to take coats with us.  That was a mistake, we should really have known better.  In the afternoon we parked the car in Thorndon, and I dodged the rain as I hurried along the footpath for a quick visit to Nancy’s Embroidery Store.

I can remember visiting Nancy’s a life time ago when I first started work.  Back then the shop was situated on the ground floor of the iconic James Smith’s department store.  Sewing dresses to wear to the Saturday night dances was more my style back then, but I was fascinated with all the different embroidery threads, fabric, patterns and samples on display.  The shop is now owned by Mary Self, who kindly allowed me to take some photos on my visit.  This is Wellington’s only specialist embroidery store and has everything needed for all the different types of hand work, plus yarn for keen knitters.  I of course gravitated to the shelves of colourful patchwork fabric, and spent some time checking it out.  Well worth a stop if you are travelling to Wellington
After my patchwork fix we had lunch just up the street at the Bordeaux French Bakery.  The counters were full of delicious French goodies  and as the mistress of procrastination, it took me ages to make up my mind what to order.  Choices are never easy, and  I finally chose a toasted bagel with salmon and cream cheese.  Robin had no trouble making up his mind, and his choice was one of the spicy Barvarian barbecued sausages which we could see slowly turning over on a bed of rollers, served in a bread roll with mustard and plum sauce. 

P9250010 It all looks good enough to eat

And you could hardly expect us to eat at a French Bakery without ordering one of those delicious pastries for dessert, would you?  How about a slice of apricot custard tart for me, and a huge pastry covered in nuts for Robin, with a gooey custard centre?  Probably a million calories in each, but oh, so yummy.

P9250011 Apricot tart for dessert

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Sue said...

Two favourite haunts of mine too! Sounds like you had a lovely day out. (BTW I travel to town each day from the Kapiti Coast and during the last year I have learned the weather can be so different by the time I reach town, now my car back seat looks more like a wardrobe, so I can be dry and warm easily!)