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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How many days till Christmas?

I’m wondering how many days till Christmas?  (Someone is sure to know.)   Hopefully I’ll have my long neglected Christmas quilt finished by then.  I’ve been working on it intermittently for quite some time, so it would be nice finally get it finished.  Perhaps you remember when I started machine quilting it in variegated red and green thread?  Sadly, this showed up all my quilting imperfections and I sat and ripped all the stitches out.  This time, having learnt my lesson, I’m quilting it with cream thread, and I’m much happier with the results.  It’s not that my machine quilting skills have magically improved, just that any weird stitches blend in better.
Today I was sitting outside at the picnic table sewing my ends in.  I know some people make tiny stitches when they start and finish, but I don’t like to do that.  It was quite restful, sitting out, enjoying the warm morning and working quietly away.  We are going camping for a few days, then I’ll get back to some more machine quilting again.
P9180013 Still working on my Christmas quilt

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