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Monday, December 3, 2018

Decorating the Caravan

We enjoyed our last caravan club rally of the year over the weekend, our Christmas Rally at the delightful rural property of fellow club members, Don and Sandra.  So of course, out came my caravan Christmas decorations.  (Nothing new here so long term readers will have seen it all before).  It doesn’t take too long to add a few things here and there around the caravan to make it look festive.  Here’s Gemma sitting in her favourite spot with Santa Bear and a Christmas cushion keeping her company.

Gemma doesn’t seem too impressed with Christmas in the caravan

I don’t usually do “quirky” but I’m rather fond of my pair of reindeer stockings which hang off the reading lamps either side of the bed.  I made the original stocking in a class, and thought it was cute I had to make another.

Cute little reindeer stockings

And I swapped the two New Zealand bird stitcheries which hang on the wall at the foot of the bed with these two Christmas stitcheries.

Christmas stitcheries

You can’t have Christmas without Santa and he appeared in various guises on several more stitched items.
Hanging just inside the door

Christmas cushions

Our caravans were parked up on our hosts front lawn, surrounded by flower gardens.  The scent of beautiful roses filled the air as we walked by.  These are just a few of the roses planted on this property.

Just one of the rose beds

The caravan rally was fun, and the “piece de la resistance” was the spit roast dinner on Saturday evening.  Yes, it tasted as great as it looked, and the smell of the meat slowly cooking was divine.

Delicious spit roast

We certainly enjoyed our Christmas Rally – the weather sunny and the venue was fairly close to home so that cut down on driving along with all the busy pre-Christmas traffic.  But out in the country it seems that you are in another world. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

neat idea to take out the little things to add a festive touch - love the reindeer socks! I don't usually do quirky either but sometimes in small touches it is cute

Janice said...

How wonderful to be able to decorate your van and get to show it off at the rally. I do love that the colour of your upholstery lends itself to Christmas colours. It sounds like you all had a great time.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely that your chateau on wheels got some Christmas love too Jenny! Glad you enjoyed your weekend xx

Maria said...

The caravan looked perfect for your Christmas rally.
Love the kinky reindeer.
Beautiful roses in your friends garden.

Tired Teacher said...

The embroidered pieces look great and add the perfect bit of festive charm to your caravan. Gathering with friends makes the season more memorable.

Karen S said...

How lovely to have special decorations for your caravan. They all look great.
And the rally looks like a great time, too.