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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sew Wot Apron Exchange

Our last Sew Wot meeting of the year incorporated a lovely lunch out at a local café, and a gift exchange.  Each year Mary comes up with an idea for a hand made gift, two previous ones that I remember were mug rugs and a toilet bag.  This year it was to make a full length apron with a pocket, and include a favourite recipe in the pocket.  All the wrapped parcels were placed in a big bag, while we enjoyed our lunch together.

Wrapped parcels

We all chose a parcel and had fun unwrapping the paper to see our aprons - and what a lovely assortment of colours and fabrics there were.  One of the other diners from an adjacent table kindly took a photo for us.

Sew Wot ladies – Helen, Heather, me - Jenny, Mary, Carol and Moira

I had stitched a pink chintz apron with ruffles and a matching hot pad which went to Carol.  And Mary had made my apron, black fabric covered in colourful fruits, also with a matching hot pad.

Pink apron gifted and black apron received

We all received an extra gift from Mary, she had made us each a hot pad in the shape of a pear, all with different fabrics.  Mine is so pretty, covered in grapes, flowers and fruit.

From Mary

I received some extra parcels too, wasn’t I a lucky girl!  Because I hadn’t caught up with the Sew Wot ladies for a while with traveling around and was away for my birthday, there were extra gifts waiting for me.  Two lots of caravan/camping fabric, a couple of metres of pale blue neutral which will be great for background or backing, and a blue fabric shopping bag as all those plastic supermarket bags are being withdrawn.  And in the yellow packet was something quite new to me – a clear vinyl cover to slip over your sewing machine to keep the dust out.  That will be handy, my machine never gets put away and is always in the sewing cabinet ready to use at a moment's notice.

Birthday goodies, thanks so much girls

We will all get to try the recipes we received too.  I’ll share the one I put in Carol's pocket, as it is something I make at Christmas.  If you have a sweet tooth and like almond icing, you will love these.  I know I do!


1 packet Red Glace Cherries
Almond Icing (Marzipan)
Melted Chocolate

Drain the cherries. Cut off a knob of almond icing and roll around each cherry, covering it all.

Place in fridge to set and dry while melting chocolate.

Prepare chocolate melts. Dip each almond covered cherry in warm chocolate using a spiral dipping spoon if you have one, and place on tray lined with baking paper to set in fridge.

Perfect for Christmas for those with a sweet tooth.  Enjoy with coffee.


Karen S said...

Looks like you ladies had a lovely time swapping aprons. Great result.

Kate said...

An apron swap is a swell idea. The cherry balls sound delicious and somewhat easy to make - I like easy. ^^

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you all had a great time! I need another apron I actually only have one and don't remember to use it as it is but if I had a couple maybe I could get into the habit of using one and have a clean one in reserve. I remember my grandma used them all the time when I was growing up - but then she wore dresses all the time too.

Tired Teacher said...

What fun! I love all the aprons.

Janice said...

What a terrific idea for your gifts. You all look very stylish wearing them. Great other gifts you received too.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Caught up once again on your posts, Jenny. I too use the soup pot for large mixtures, the last was popcorn balls. I bet your cake will be marvellous esp. after the fruit soaking like that.
As you know, I love aprons so this was quite a treat to see. Lovely times with these friends and thanks for that quick little cherry treat idea.

Allison said...

What a great idea for Christmas presents, and what fun to be able to see everyone's creations. This year I am making bowl holders.

Maria said...

A fun GTG with your sewing friends and such a great swap for Christmas. All the aprons are lovely..
Sew many lovely useful belated birthday gifts Jenny, Enjoy them.
Thanks for the easy recipe , something I can even make...