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Friday, November 9, 2018

The last few days

What’s been happening the last few days?  All sorts, really.  Starting off with taking the hems up on two pairs of jeans for Robin.  This was a rather long drawn out job, I must confess.  The jeans were purchased some time ago, and I washed them.  A few weeks later he tried them on and I pinned up the legs to the correct length, then they sat and waited some more.  Finally I got around to stitching the hems, quite a quick job really once I got on to it.  All done – although I draw the line at taking up “proper” trousers, they get altered professionally!

There are a couple of local farms specializing in growing asparagus and we popped in to get some.  The packing house was in full swing, and lots of the asparagus gets exported.  But there is plenty left for the local market and consumers and we love it, so tender and fresh.  There is nothing better than cooked asparagus served with melting butter and plenty of pepper, or smothered in a rich cheese sauce.

At the asparagus farm

Our local group of “Pink Ladies” (Breast Cancer Support Group) was invited with other ladies groups to an Afternoon Tea.  It was a very nice afternoon out, there was sing-along music and a wonderful spread.  And very exciting, my number was called out for one of the raffle prizes.  I could choose what to take, and liked the look of the small gift baskets filled with goodies.  In fact. our table was extremely lucky, and took home 5 prizes!

Raffle Prize

Last weekend at the caravan club rally one of our members came along with boxes of spare grapefruit and lemons from their trees, and I gladly took some home.  Yesterday I made some Lemon Honey in the microwave.  The recipe only makes a small quantity, and it has to be kept refrigerated.  It’s so nice and tasty, and I’ve plenty of lemons remaining to make some more later on.  Or maybe  Lemon Meringue Pie, wouldn't that be nice?

Two jars of Lemon Honey

And there was excitement today when I received a parcel in the mail.  This was a birthday parcel from my quilting pen-friend Carol who lives in South Dakota.  As well as a gift and a pretty card, she always sends snippets from the local newspaper, and how-to patterns she collects from her quilt guild.

Quilting pin, glasses case and pussy cat fabric

So that’s been my week so far.  There’s always plenty to keep me busy, I find.


Kate said...

You've had such an eventful week and I enjoyed reading all about it. :)

Janice said...

Asparagus season is the best. We eat it all the time at this time of year. When I showed Mick the photo of those crates he said that you will definitely be suffering from asparagus wee if you eat all that. Cheeky bugger! Lemon homey sounds pretty good too. Lucky you to win a raffle prize and lovely birthday gifts.

Raewyn said...

It sounds like an interesting and busy week Jenny. Fresh Asparagus is definitely delicious and the lemon honey looks great too.

Tired Teacher said...

Fresh asparagus is wonderful. I love eating it raw, but steamed is tasty, too. I haven't heard of Lemon Honey, but I bet it's yummy.

Karen S said...

We also live in an area growing asparagus and it is in full swing, too.
Lovely to get any crop fresh.
Well done on your prize winning.