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Monday, November 5, 2018

Happy Anniversary

My goodness, doesn’t time go.  It’s our anniversary today – 35 years!  And during our anniversary month I like to put a special quilt on the bed.  First of all, off came our cozy cat quilt with the woolen batting, which I tend to use in the winter months.  I washed it and here it is flapping on the clothesline in the Spring sunshine.  Made in the “House Cats” pattern, this was a memory quilt with some blocks made by my overseas pen friends and quilting buddies at the time, to remember our original cat, Misty.  The pale pink background has faded over the years, as have some of the cat fabrics.  But it is full of memories and signatures, and I love to use it on our bed during the winter months.

“Memories of Misty”

We were married on 5th November, Guy Fawkes Day, so Robin has no trouble remembering that date.    I made “Hearts of Love” to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  The hearts were gathered when I took part in a “Valentine’s Day Block Swap”.  I needed to make some extras to give me the size I wanted, and assembled the top with stars in the sashing.  This quilt also makes an appearance in February to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, as well as our anniversary month of November.  Do you like to rotate your bed quilts for special occasions?

“Hearts of Love”

We’ve just come back from a weekend away in the caravan and of course took our 6 month old kitten Gemma with us.  The weather was rather wet and cold, and as often happens on camping weekends, was lovely and sunny on the day we came home.  Here is Gemma stretched out on the window ledge at the back of the sofa, enjoying the sunshine.  She still had the plastic cone around her head to stop her licking her tummy wound when she was spayed recently.

Gemma enjoying the sunshine

Then this morning we had our final appointment with the vet, who removed the staples from her operation.  The staples were added some days later after Gemma had removed a stitch and her wound wasn’t healing. 

Last trip to the vet, we hope

The vet was happy with the healing process, the staples were removed, and I took her back home and finally removed that pesky cone.  But I must take care that Gemma doesn’t worry her scar too much, or back on her head it will go again.  It seems a strange coincidence, as Gemma had her operation on my birthday, and the staples removed on our anniversary – strange but true!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope kitty will heal up for you quickly - happy anniversary!

Karen S said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.
Changing the quilts around for special occasions is a lovely idea.
So pleased to see Gemma improving.

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary!

Julierose said...

Happy Anniversary--I love your special occasion quilts idea--so full of memories for you both--how wonderful.
I made us a King Size Millennium quilt for our bed in 1999...that's the year my husband retired...so it has a slew of memories attached...
We are married 52 years this year...two children and 6 grandchildren later--time has just flown by us...so very lucky.
Hope your daughter is doing well...hugs, Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Happy Anniversary! The heart quilt is perfect for celebrating. Yes, I change the quilts on my bed with the seasons.

Janice said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. You’ve been married for three years longer than us. It’s nice that you have your special quilt. We rotate a few on our bed, but more for a seasonal look than any special meaning like yours. Gemma must be so relieved to be rid of the cone. Here’s hoping it can stay off.

Raewyn said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Jenny....we celebrated 33 years this year - as you say, doesn't time go! I like how you change up the bed quilts for the month... this winter is the first winter we've had a quilt on our bed, a feather duvet is usually all we have but I have enjoyed the quilt - strange with all the quilts I make!!