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Thursday, December 20, 2018

All Lit Up

The annual Avenue of Trees is a community project where schools, businesses, clubs and groups decorate a Christmas Tree.  These are on display at the Salvation Army Hall and I went along to check them out.  The cost of entry was a donation for the Food Bank, and I was given a voting slip for People’s Choice.  The hall looked amazing, and I was keen to see the tree decorated by a member of my quilt group, Town and Country Quilters.  And there it was,  “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” looking gorgeous, and decorated in a heavenly host of angels.


Entry from my quilt guild, Town and Country Quilters

The themes were quite varied and they were all a delight to see.  “Dutch” was festooned with little clogs and blue and white Delft style ornaments.  Levin Arts and Crafts chose the theme of New Zealand Summer Christmas  and was full of decorated jandals , shells and starfish, and the Lindt tree was a chocolate lover’s heaven.

Trees decorated by Levin Dutch Coffee Morning, Levin Arts and Crafts, and Lindt NZ

Another tree with a difference was the “Christmas Cookie Tree” decorated by the Horowhenua District Council.  All the cookies were baked and decorated by staff in their own time, we were told, not during work hours.  As I left the hall I was presented with a cookie to take home, and when I asked nicely,  they kindly gave me another for hubby as well.

Council Cookie Tree

To enjoy at home

The Salvation Army Band was playing Christmas Carols outside, always nice to stop a while and listen.

Each year our local community newspaper prints a list of homes decorated for Christmas.  One “not to miss” we were told, was down at the sleepy little village of Waikawa Beach. On arrival, the first thing we saw was this huge “tree” glowing in the dark.  We watched as the helicopter went on it’s way, Santa climbed a ladder, a skier on the slopes, elves loading Santa’s sleigh, and a little alien popped out of a spaceship.  There were things happening everywhere!

Fancy lights at this home

All these fancy lights make our few strings hung outside around the patio look rather paltry indeed.  But never mind, we didn’t set out to impress anyone, just add a little twinkle to the evening.  One thing I do rather like is my snowy village scene which gets put out each year and twinkles and sparkles.  Why do I like it – especially as I live here in New Zealand where Christmas is celebrated in Summer?  Must be the English and Scots blood in my veins from generations ago.  Like most Kiwis, I would love to experience a White Christmas one year.

My snowy village scene


Julierose said...

So kind of you to share these beautiful trees' and I love your Snowy Village..Merry Christmas filled with Joy hugs, Julierose

Janice said...

Decorations really add something special to Christmas. There are lots of lights on our street, which is nice to see. I love the display that you visited. Yes, it would be nice to experience a white Christmas.....maybe one day......

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love the idea of the beautiful and different decorated trees and a great fund raising project too! Festive lights are so pretty. Your snowy village is just lovely xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

It sounds like the same things are done here - the lights - some really over the top- and others just nice and simple. We rarely have a white Christmas here in Arkansas we are just too much in the south - we might get snow on the ground later this winter and for some reason we have more of a chance of snow at the end of winter than any other time it seems.

Tired Teacher said...

Such clever and creative themes for the decorated trees! I think small light displays are elegant. Do I spy a Hardanger cloth underneath your village?

loulee said...

It's lovely to see so many pretty trees all together.
I've experienced a few white boxing days, and I've seen snow falling on a couple of Christmas days, but never a true white Christmas.

Karen S said...

The display of trees is a lovely idea. So great to share.
And i love looking at Christmas lights.
Looks like you are having fun decorating.