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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

It was a bit like “Oh, I’d forgotten about that”, when I looked through the crates containing my Christmas things.  We didn’t decorate at all last year as we were away in our caravan traveling through the South Island  from mid December till March.  It was like greeting old friends as I dug through the crates, unwrapping this and that.  I have been very lucky over the years and have received some lovely gifts from my pen friend Carol, from South Dakota.  I love my little Santa sitting at his sewing machine, and she also sent me four gorgeous Jim Shore snowmen figurines.  Other gifts over the years were the cute little Christmas mice, sent individually till I had the set.



All beautiful Christmas gifts

It’s time to ring the changes at this time of year, take the wall hangings down and replace them with festive ones.  These two are quite special – the Robin Redbreasts and trees was sent out to me from England by pen friend Rose, and my daughter Nicky stitched my the crazy patch Christmas tree.  This is the only patchwork item Nicky has made, I believe.  I made the Christmas quilt on the back of the sofa, using fabric collected over the years from pen friends.

Christmas on the walls and on the sofa

This is what our kitten Gemma thinks of wall hangings, Christmas or otherwise.  She often jumps up and takes a swipe, if we don’t see her do it, we can’t tell her off, she thinks.  This one is a Christmas Tree I made from selvedges.

Naughty Gemma did this

I wonder if any of you made a stuffed pinecone like I did quite some years ago? I remember stuffing those little balls made from Christmas fabric and gluing them into the pinecone.  Probably done more years ago than I care to remember,  the fabric is getting faded, but I think it’s rather nice and homely. It’s probably one of the earliest classes I took from the local quilt shop.


The next job to do will be to hang a few lights outside, we started yesterday but it didn’t go well as it was so windy out there.  Once that nasty wind drops we will try again, it’s meant to be our summer here after all.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I still have to get done with my decorating too - I'm so slow this year with it for some reason and not organized in the least!!

Karen S said...

It is fun to dig out all the decorations and reminisce with the special memories.
I must admit to being quite a Jim Shore fan, too.

Tired Teacher said...

Oh dear, Gemma has been very naughty! Love the buttons on the trees in the last photo - fun.

Judith nb Serena said...

Love all your Christmas stitchings they're lovely. We don't put decorations up in the boat as we go home to the family and won't be back till after twelfth night. The daughter-in-law has got their tree and decorations up but our daughter has still to do hers. Hope you get on ok with the lights. Judith nb Serena

Michelle Ridgway said...

How special are your treasures.....love them! Beautiful festive decorating Jenny....very windy here too!

Janice said...

Don't homemade and gifted decorations make Christmas extra special. They are all lovely.