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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Another Quilt on the Clothesline

We can’t complain about the weather, summer had well and truly arrived after several days of horrible cold wind.  I’m enjoying sitting outside on the patio, under our shady Archgola, and Gemma likes to keep me company.  She has a fine time stalking little bugs and moths hiding in the lawn, or just lying around on the warm concrete path.  Then there are the birds chirping away in the high trees, tormenting her as they are not within reaching distance.

Gemma is in stealth mode

It’s such a beautiful warm day today with a slight breeze that I decided to wash the quilt I use in the caravan over winter.  Romany Stars was completed in 2004 and I had it commercially quilted.

Freshly laundered Romany Stars

The heavier winter quilt has now been replaced with Hearts in Bloom.  I have to say that I’m rather pleased with this quilt.  I worked away on the heart stitchery blocks as we traveled far and wide in the caravan over a couple of years.  I put together the stitchery blocks combined with nine patches, and added applique and checkerboard borders till it was sufficient size to fit the bed.  Hearts in Bloom was completed in 2017 and commercially quilted by Linda, the Razzle Dazzle Quilter of Taupo.

Hearts in Bloom on the caravan bed

It seems to be getting hotter as the day goes on, (sorry to boast to those of you in wintery climes), so much so that I’ve changed out of my summer skirt and put some shorts on.  Rest assured, there is no way I would go out in public wearing shorts, but tucked away safely behind our high fence, I’m happy to spend time under the shady Archgola (sun shade) and make the most of the lovely weather.  With a cool drink, some stitching or maybe my book, I’m a happy little quilter indeed.


Kate said...

Enjoy your lovely weather, Jenny. k^^

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

both of the quilts are really pretty!

Julierose said...

Lovely quilts--it is only 18 degrees F here--brrr...enjoying your virtual heat though lol
Hugs, julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Sitting in the shade on a warm day sounds wonderful. I don't venture out in public wearing shorts either - never have, but they are wonderful to wear in the heat of summer.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely quilts both. After our introductory summer heatwave we have had a cool reprieve which has been so nice! Enjoy your lovely weather x

Karen S said...

So good to see you making use of all your lovely quilts. And of course you have to make the most of the perfect weather for washing them.

Maria said...

I love both your special quilts for the caravan..
Haha!! nothing nicer than sitting relaxing in comfy clothes....