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Saturday, June 9, 2018

What’s happening with the Yo-Yos?

Remember this?  I purchased the pattern Yuletide Yo-Yos ages ago while on one of our caravan trips. I’d never made yo-yos before and rather liked these happy Christmas creations.


As I mentioned last blog, this project las been sitting in a bag for ages.  After all this time, I wondered what I would find inside.  I certainly remember working on making yo-yos for the reindeer some time ago.  And here are all the reindeer pieces, several bags of brown yo-yos in different sizes, looks like I’d finished making them.  Plus a stuffed head, four little black hooves, ears and a tail.  I stitched and stuffed the antlers from brown felt yesterday.

All the pieces

It’s all coming back to me now – I was rather concerned on how on earth to assemble this.  So I bundled it all up, and hid it away, but that doesn’t really make the problem go away, does it?  Just as well I finally listed this project on my List of Six UFOs and the dice called it's number this week.  Out came the instruction sheet and I’ve slowly been putting Rudolf’s head together.  Wish me luck that he will be in one piece tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Is this the same Rudolph that was thrown... oops., maybe just packed away a good while ago? Yoyos, I think I might have done one or two many years ago, at least 50 or more, too far back to remember.

Karen S said...

Looks like you are already half way there!

Maria said...

Good luck Jenny. Look forward to seeing Rudolf completed.

Julierose said...

Rudolph is soooo cute--will be looking forward to watching this come together...hugs, Julierose

Jenny said...

I'm getting there - although there's been plenty of down time with this project. Quite truthfully - I just didn't know how to put it all together, it just seemed way too hard to cope with. So it got hidden away in a bag.

Tired Teacher said...

I've had projects that I've put away because it was too frustrating or confusing to deal with at the time. Normally, I toss or donate the odd bits without completing, so I commend you for tackling the reindeer again.

Janice said...

It will be a good project to get done and in plenty of time for Christmas.