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Monday, June 11, 2018

Welcome to Randolph

Completed at last, my Rudolph the Reindeer with his red nose.  After being packed away so long, (out of sight, out of mind), this project finally re-surfaced this week and I’ve been working diligently to get him finished.  There wasn’t really that much to do, all the yo-yos were done, and I used a mixture of tan and cream fabrics, most with a Christmas theme.  But I was a bit worried about putting all the pieces together.  The head needed all the features hand stitched in place, button eye, Rudolph's red nose and ears stitched in place, and his mouth embroidered.  My goodness, those antlers caused me grief.  Then came the business of stringing  him all together.

Follow the instructions

Lots of baby yo-yos for arms and legs

I had a few false starts, and a little un-stringing and starting again, but eventually Rudolph was all done.  Probably not perfect, but at least he is finished. Then cheeky little Rudolph decided he wanted to check out the rhubarb patch.


I must admit that I didn’t really enjoy this project, guess I’m not really a yo-yo lover or a toy maker.  But I feel committed to making the snowman too from this pattern.  After all, I’ve got all this much done, so far.  And I rather like Santa too, but I may or may not make him, I'll see how I feel after I struggle putting the snow man together.


Snowman parts done so far

My stitching yesterday was done sitting outside on the patio area under our new “Archgola” canopy, read about it here.  We got it installed to give us much needed shade in the summer, and it seems that it may well be handy in the cooler seasons too.

Canopy over the patio


Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations for completing Rudolph. I'm sure the snowman will be much easier to make.

Love your patio cover - enjoy!

Miaismine said...

Your reindeer came out beautifully! I love yo-yos and your project looks fun! The rest of the projects also look fun to make! I'm sorry it gave you problems, but am so glad you finished it! Congratulations! I'm headed online to look for that pattern! Thank you for sharing!

Karen S said...

Well done getting him done. It was worth it as he looks great!

Nancy J said...

Well done with Rudolph. The canopy, a great addition,perfect for summer and winter, and so good for getting the laundry dry, a little hot house. I know that would spoil the setting, but I am known for being practical!!!

Raewyn said...

Looking good Jenny!! As kids we had one that Nana made from crocheted circles - I loved it. Have fun with the Snowman - now that you've mastered one, the next will go together lots more quickly, I'm sure :-)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Rudolph in the rhubarb! Very cute Jenny. I’ve only made yo yos once and felt good about it. Always good to work out new things.

Janice said...

Rudolph turned out well. I’d say the snowman will come together easier. You must be pleased to achieve so much in the week.