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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sewing Afternoon

After a busy Saturday morning, I spent the afternoon at my quilt club’s  Sewing Day – or half day, in my case, and joined the half dozen already there.  Took some hand stitching along, two projects, in case I ran out of things to do.  It’s better to take too much, but you never do run out, do you?  In between chatting, coffee breaks, and checking out what the others are working on, the afternoon just whizzed by.  But I did manage to hand stitch the binding and hanging sleeve on my small wall hanging, so I’m very pleased with that.

Small wall hanging almost done

My quilt club has been stitching many Charity Quilts to donate to worthy causes, and there were quite a pile of these on the tables.  There has been a name change, and they are now referred to as “Gifting Quilts”, sounds much nicer, I feel.  A large box of blocks and fabric squares has recently been donated, which will find their way into many more quilts to gift.

Quilts for gifting

I’m a big fan of “leader and ender” sewing, so I was very interested to see that Wendy was using ideas from Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  She had a huge pile of teeny tiny squares she was working with. 

Wendy’s many fabric squares

Two of our members were sitting at a table together hand appliqueing mushroom, or maybe they were toadstool blocks.  They were both taking part in a BOM from one of our local quilt shops.

Liz and Kath’s BOM blocks

What else?  This striking blue and yellow gifting quilt was being machine quilted by Dianne.  Those colours always look great together.

Machine quilted by Dianne

And Jan had a great quilt kit “Scattered Triangles” which she purchased in a bargain bin recently.  With the pattern and fabrics supplied, it certainly seemed a good deal.

Jan’s bargain priced quilt kit.

And lastly, I just had to take a photo of Wendy’s caravan tote bag.  This great bag was brought over by friends from America who came to visit our country.  I want one of those!

Wendy’s tote bag

What with one thing and another, it’s been a while since I attended a Stitching Day, so it was lovely to spend the afternoon with fellow club members.  And I’m happy that one (of my many projects) has progressed further. 


Julierose said...

Looks like a lovely time--those appliqued mushrooms are just adorable. I like painting mushrooms, too...would like to try paper piecing some....hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

It's sew nice to spend sewing time with friends.
Lots of lovely " Gift Quilts " for folk to snuggle under.
Our Patch group decided to call our special quilts "Community Quilts"
WOW! Sew many gorgeous projects the ladies worked on, really like the Blue/White kit and it was got at a bargain.
OH that Caravan bag sure is fabulous...

Your Christmas stitchery in the previous post is fantastic...

Tired Teacher said...

The sewing group is quite productive! "Gifting Quilts" is definitely a better term for the completed beauties.

One of my quilts has the same backing as your wall hanging. Jenny Breyer has some pretty fabrics.

Jenny and Robin said...
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Karen S said...

Lovely work from all stitchers. Great projects.