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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sew Wot Tuesday

Sew Wot Tuesday rolled around again, and it was my turn to be the hostess, a slightly smaller group with a couple of our ladies away.  There was a birthday to celebrate, and Mary had fun opening all her lovely little squishy parcels, and she was given a pretty little gerbera too. 

Happy Birthday to Mary

Mary had recently returned from an Australian holiday, catching up with family, and came home with a couple of lovely goodies.  Such as this pretty little tablecloth purchased in an Op Shop.  She just had to finish stitching two of the ballerinas, added the lacy edge, and then, another lovely vintage cloth for her collection.

Op Shop bargain

This beautiful crocheted cloth was hand made in Italy, and when Mary’s sister purchased it she knew it would be just the thing for Mary’s birthday.  It is so lovely with stunning workmanship, that we all would have happily spirited it away for ourselves.

Hand made Italian tablecloth

There was a little woolly scarf knitting going on, with both Heather B and Moira sitting there with clacking knitting needles.  Heather’s scarf was knitting up in colourful chevrons, and Moira’s was a pretty dusty blue.  Who will finish first, I wonder? 

Heather and Moira with their scarves

Heather had a finish to show us, she had been experimenting with appliqued butterflies.  This pretty quilt will be donated to a worthy cause, and someone is sure to love snuggling underneath it.

Heather’s butterfly quilt

Carol loves embroidery, and was working on her latest stitching project, a basket of flowers.
.Carol’s basket of flowers

As for me, I was stitching some binding down on a secret sewing project, so no photos yet.  And my Rudolf made an appearance, and was judged as not too bad as a first attempt.  I think he rather liked all the attention!  If he is very lucky, he may have his friend the snow man to join him sometime in the future.

Rudolph joined the Sew Wot morning

So that was our morning, always fun to catch up with the ladies, and help Mary celebrate her special day.


loulee said...

Looks like another wonderfully inspiring gathering.

Nancy J said...

I can see more yoyo friends joining in, you have a lot more patience and stickability than me!!!

Janice said...

A lovely morning. Beautiful work as always. Rudolph looks quite happy sitting up,there like Jacky.

Tired Teacher said...

It is tremendous fun when friends gather to stitch, visit, and show their latest finished projects. Love the vintage table cloth - a real treasure.

Jenny said...

The Sew Wot ladies are a great bunch, and it's always exciting when there is a birthday to celebrate too. All those interesting little parcels to open - I think the rest of us are just as excited by the contents as the birthday girl is!

Karen S said...

Looks like a lovely day together.

Michelle Ridgway said...

A very happy birthday to Mary. Beautiful cloths! Lovely work by the ladies. Nothing nicer than a sewing day with friends xx

Zafira @Zarkadia said...

I am sure you had a marvelous time all together!