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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Town and Country Quilters Birthday

It’s our quilt club’s birthday, and we have now turned 30.  Of course we needed a cake to celebrate.

Our birthday cake

It was also our AGM night, the President’s Report was read, the accounts presented, and the Election of Officers took place.  With all this business taken care of, the meeting resorted back to it’s usual format, and Show and Tell took place.  Club members had been invited to bring along both their first quilts, and their latest quilts.  Most of the early quilts had quite a story attached, and the latest quilts showed just how the quilters had progressed.  There were some real beauties, and here are a few which took my fancy.

Crazy cats and mice by Greit

Kaffe Fasset beauty by Sheryl

Two quite different styles from Sew Wot member Helen

We enjoyed supper at the end of the meeting, including a slice of that delicious birthday cake.  The supper tables had been decorated with a birthday theme, raffles were drawn, sadly no, not me again, we mixed and mingled before heading home.

Happy 30th Birthday to us


Nancy J said...

Cats, Kaffe and Helen's beauties, not to mention cake and other goodies.Always good to celebrate together.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love that crazy cat quilt.

Tired Teacher said...

I like the idea of bringing the first and latest projects for show and tell. Congratulations to your group for staying active for 30 years.