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Friday, May 12, 2017

Quilting and Cooking don’t always Mix

I’m trying hard but I don’t think I’m going to complete my Christmas Stars and Nine Patches this week.  Although I’ve been working away steadily quilting each and every star, I still haven’t finished.  It always seems to take a lot longer than I think it will.  All over meandering would have been a lot quicker, but I decided to quilt each star block individually instead.

Slowly getting there with the quilting

My time hasn’t really been my own as we are off again in the caravan for the weekend.  But I have been busy in the kitchen, whipping up culinary delights to take away.  I’ve prepared stuffed chicken breasts which I can pop into the oven for our Saturday night dinner.  Made some stuffed potatoes too, all ready to heat and eat, and cooked up some Scotch Eggs for a casual lunch.

Scotch Eggs – haven’t made these for a while

And then I had a kitchen disaster when I tried a new recipe for a fruit loaf – enough said about that, but I had to chuck it in the bin.  Guess I was doing too much at the same time, and must have left an important ingredient out.  Women CAN multi-task, I tell myself, but I must have got myself in a bit of a pickle, I think.

I was so looking forward to getting this UFO done and dusted and off my List of Six.  I’ll make sure  I take the quilt away with me on our caravan club weekend, and I’ll be able to sew the many ends in.  And next time when I decide to quilt stars or something similar, I should try to accomplish it in a continuous line without so many starts and stops (and ends) in each block.   But there’s always next week and another roll of the dice. 


Tired Teacher said...

I've never heard of Scotch eggs, but they look very tasty.

Nancy J said...

Hope you have good weather where you are. a lot of rain up here, stream rushing past, and now a bit of wind starting.

loulee said...

Your Christmas quilt is looking good. Persevere with the quilting, you still have 7 months til Christmas, so no rush! LOL

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Stitching the stars like that my be a fiddle but they look so good.

Rachel said...

Very pretty! I love star blocks, and this quilt has so many interesting ones!

dq said...

Lovely star quilt, and you will make it if you keep plugging away.

I don't cook much anymore with kids all gone and working full time. Good for you!

By the way, I love ykour home! I love the wood look.