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Friday, May 19, 2017

Not all dyes are created equal

I’m rather fond of my New Zealand themed tablecloth.  After making several similar quilt tops to take to quilting friends on our trip to UK in 2008, on our return I sat down and stitched myself one as well.  The pattern is done “postcard style”  bordered in strips of black fabric.  This morning after I gave it a good press and laid it over the table I noticed that some of the black fabric strips had definitely faded much more than others.  Looks like I used up all my black scraps, purchased at different times from different shops.  On the table is with my still surviving Poinsettia plant, a Christmas gift and still going strong – I must be doing something right.

New Zealand Postcard tablecloth – some of the black is decidedly grey

New Zealand print in the blue Pacific

I’m still working away on UFO number 5, my Christmas Stars and Nine Patch quilt.  Now I’ve finished quilting the stars, the next step in this project is to machine quilt the border, and attach the binding.  With any luck I’ll get it finished tomorrow.

Christmas Stars and Nine Patches


Kitty | Night Quilter said...

I think the variations in black/grey add extra interest... call it a design element! :) Beautiful table cloth, and thank you for sharing!

loulee said...

The Christmas quilt is coming along nicely.
LOL I use my kiwi postcards as a table cloth too!

Nancy J said...

Yes, I have found that whites and blacks can be so different. Guess it is a bit chilly down there, a good day tomorrow for sewing and quilting here too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Yes whites ain't white and the same for blacks...always fascinating to see their differences. I do love your postcard quilt though and your pretty stars. Well done in nuturing your Poinsettia so well xx

Raewyn said...

Interesting isn't it, with the dyes in different fabrics....with the busy NZ fabrics, your quilt looks likeit is supposed to be a mix of back and grey! I have a NZ quilt to make, maybe this postcard style will be a perfect one to do. Great progress on your UFO - I hope you've had the planned sewing time and it is nearly done!