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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Great All Breeds Horse Show Quilt

The top is finally finished – the Great All Breeds Horse Show quilt!  Previously known as the black, grey and raspberry horse quilt which I’m making (in secret) for my grand-daughter Emma.  After all these months, I knew I had to come up with a better name.  Emma has ridden since a young age, and loves anything to do with horses.  She requested black and grey, and with the addition of 18 embroidered named  horse heads encompassing the many different horse breeds, I’m sure she will love her new quilt.

Photo time was not terribly successful.  The quilt top was too long to hang nicely outside on the clothesline.  And I had to be aware of the damp pathway underneath.  

Photo shoot outside

Perhaps a photo inside would be better?  Here’s the top spread over our bed.

And an inside version

I’m also planning ahead and have got the binding prepared – all ready to apply.

Binding prepared

This top is much too big for me to handle the quilting myself, so I will be taking it around to commercial quilter Paula who did such a marvelous job on my daughter’s 50th birthday quilt last year.   It’s taken a while, and I’m really pleased that this top, UFO number 5 is finally completed.  Now, what shall I stitch next?


Raewyn said...

It's gorgeous! Well done on the flimsy finish. My girls would have loved a quilt like that, I wasn't into quilting back then...actually they probably would still love a quilt like that!

Nancy J said...

You chose the other fabrics perfectly, this is huge, and what a gift. Yes, I, too, hesitate to try and quilt something large, smaller table tops or a wall hanging are OK. Keep warm, we have both fires lit, another morning with a cold southerly wind.

Janice said...

How good to get the top finished. She should love it. The name you came up with sounds very appropriate.

Maria said...

Oh WOW !!! thats fabulous and Ema will love it... I would also have it quilted by a longarm quilter.. Great name for the special quilt..

NickiJ said...

Wow, she is going to love it!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Beautiful! The colors are perfect and really eye catching. Thanks for sharing this lovely quilt with TGIFF!