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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

O is for (Christmas) Ornaments

Another block done on my Christmas ABCs.  It didn’t need to much stitching to complete it, and I had time to do a little stitching while away on a caravan rally last weekend.  The weather was wet, wet, wet, so what could be nicer than being tucked up nice and cosy in the caravan, and doing a little stitching.  The last little bit was completed today.

O is for Ornaments

All my Christmas letters are from “Alphabet Noel” design book by Michelle Ridgeway.  Some I stitch as they are designed, and some, like this one, I have adapted.  I’m really enjoying this stitchery project, just taking my time, so there is no pressure of a completion date.


Nancy J said...

Lovely pattern and great stitching. Hugs from a warmish place up here today.

Kate said...

You're nearing the finish line with your Christmas ABCs, Jenny and they're all beautiful!

Janice said...

You'r making good progress. One day you will have a lovely Christmas quilt. No pressure.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

These little stitcheries are adorable!