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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday was Stitching Day

Saturday was Stitching Day and I was all packed up and ready to go.  Due to health reasons I hadn’t been to many club activities lately, so it was something I was looking forward to.  I joined a dozen happy quilters gathered together at the Red Cross Rooms on Saturday morning.   I was happy to be there too, and took my sewing machine along and one of my many UFOs to work on. 

Which UFO, you may well ask?  This particular one hasn’t made it to my list yet, so it is a bit of a mystery to all who follow the weekly “roll of the dice” project.  I’m making a bed sized log cabin quilt, stitched over printed tissue paper patterns.  This is a really good method for me, as although it is straight line stitching, it keeps the blocks nice and even.  I’ve already made a gazillion log cabin blocks, so I’m up to piecing the scrappy borders.

They start off like this

Paper piecing is slow.  It’s a matter of stitch, flip, and press, and I like to do a bunch of these at a time with chain piecing.  And yes, its another burgundy quilt.  I’m very fond of this colour in quilts and furnishings – it’s a lovely, warm colour, I feel.

And finish like this

Most ladies were working on their sewing machines, a couple of quilts got pinned out, and there was a little bit of hand stitching going on too.  Janneke makes many quilts for Ronald McDonald House, and was pinning up her latest one, ready for machine quilting.  Some little one is sure to love this.

Janneke’s charity quilt

Wendy has joined a little group of club members all busy hand stitching their own version of the fabulous La Passacaglia quilt.  This is surely a labour of love, and Wendy said that planning the fabrics and colours is so much fun.  These quilts take a lot of time and dedication, and we look forward to seeing the finished products some time in the future.

Wendy busy hand stitching

A quick look around the room brought up these lovelies. Madalyn was stitching up these cute little Eye Spy blocks for one of her lucky grand children.

Madalyn’s Eye Spy blocks

And Ute was machine quilting her lovely black, cream and grey quilt.  Ute’s machine quilting is wonderful and the colours in the quilt all go so well together.

Ute was busy machine quilting

I decided to take myself off home after lunch, as the energy levels were starting to flag a little.  As I told the ladies when we all sat down to eat lunch together, I’m still in recovery mode.  I was pleased with what I had achieved, went home and put my feet up for a little.  With Robin on kitchen duties for the evening meal, I could relax without feeling guilty.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone again, and have a bit of “me time”. 


Nancy J said...

They all look fab, and quite right to have a time for " Feet Up" and Robin, you are the best man around here. if you were here!!!, and definitely the very best down there. Greetings from a very warm day up here today.

Janice said...

It must have been lovely to see the girls again. They are a creative bunch

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just getting 'caught up' on your posts, Jenny. I love your log cabin and especially the idea of sewing on the tissue paper guide. I would need that to keep my sides nice and even. What lovely projects the group is making. Thanks for sharing. Thinking of you as I book my mamagram this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what happiness, another post of projects your friends are doing! Thank you. Love the projects each person is making.