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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Something to Celebrate

Check out this beautiful morning we woke up to on Wednesday – and I’ve something to celebrate.  Yesterday was my final day for radiation treatment.

Pretty colours in the morning sky

Off we went for the 120km round trip journey for 16 days of treatment each weekday.   Thank goodness we won’t be doing that every day again, and I was more than happy to hand my blue gown back.  I have to say that the staff were marvellous, very helpful and caring, enquiring how I was faring every day and checking on side effects on my skin. I have been warned that the radiation effects will still be happening even though treatment is finished and that “things will get worse before they get better”.  But armed with creams to apply, and a district nurse calling around, I’m sure my symptoms will gradually ease.

My last day

We had a lunch out to celebrate – I chose chicken breast in filo pastry, and Robin had tender lamb cutlets.  Both meals were delicious, as we expected.

Waiting for our celebration lunch to arrive

With such a lot going on this week, I decided not to roll the dice once more.  And with all my recent finishes lately, my List of Six badly needs updating.  But never fear, there are plenty of other UFOs waiting in the wings ready to be put on the list.


Sandra said...

Yahooooooo how exciting for you, So glad you have come through your treatment.
Healthy wishes your way

Janice said...

Woo Hoo! That is great news that your treatments are finished. Let's hope the "worse before better" is only mild and short lived. I suppose while you haven't rolled the dice this week you can reassess your collection of UFOs. Looking forward to your updated list. You must be creating a bit of space in your craft storage area by now.

Nancy J said...

That must be a wonderful feeling, not only the treatment, but all the travelling. Use your magical cream( with love), like the bag you have!!!

Kate said...

Such good news Jenny. Enjoy not having to make this trip. Keep well. k

HEATHER B said...

so pleased to see that your radiation treatment is now over AND you are both still smiling. looking forward to catching up with you at sew wots again. all the best. Heather B

Maria said...

That's fabulous your treatment is finished..I'm sure you enjoyed your love,y lunch..now happy stitching.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Great news! Onward and upward!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Congratulations and sending prayers for continued recovery!!!

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your supportive comments - I really appreciate each and every one.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Jenny, so happy this phase is over. Fingers crossed your side effects will be nonexistent. We hear the same thing here...that the staffs at these facilities are the best. It is all a help.

NickiJ said...

Hope you kept up the cream routine over your skin, it certainly helps relieve that burning sensation. Your skin will start to settle before you know it, all the best.