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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Present Swap for Christmas

Because we are not having Christmas with my daughter and her family this year, we met up for lunch and to swap presents.  Nicky works at The Herb Farm laboratory, nestled away in the hills behind Ashhurst.  The staff there were as busy as Santa's Elves as they were completing the orders. But she left them to carry on packing and labelling stock to enjoy lunch with the two of us in the adjacent Cafe.

Entrance to the Herb Farm 

Our meals were very tasty, as usual.  Nicky and I chose Chicken Open Sandwhich, while Robin enjoyed the rare Beef version.  After lunch we had the obligatory photo in the bright sunshine - with my daughter commenting that she didn't really want her photo on my blog.  Too bad, that's where it is going!

Nicky and her Mum

We took a big bag of pressies in, and came away with a box full, plus some lovely little plants which Nicky had potted up for me.  They were all carefully labelled, so I will know exactly what I have, and where to best plant them.

We came home with these

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NickiJ said...

Ha, ha, that's funny about your daughter not wanting her pic on your blog! It sounds like you had a nice get together for lunch and the wonderful exchange of pressies. I hope you put them under the Christmas tree and didn't open them till the 25th!!