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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On the Road Again

Wishing all my followers a very Happy Christmas.  I do hope the day was just as you wished for.

We enjoyed a lovely relaxing day at home, and we shared it with two friends.  After family phone calls, the Weber BBQ was fired up, and a stuffed, rolled, turkey breast placed inside.  This was our first time using the “roast” function, but it worked perfectly, we are pleased to say.  The turkey came out moist inside, and nicely browned on the outside, just as we had hoped, and we enjoyed it with freshly dug new potatoes, steamed asparagus, fresh peas podded by Robin, (or should that be "shelled" perhaps?) and other assorted veggies.  And for dessert we had pavlova with mixed berries on top, plus a trifle.  All washed down with a glass of bubbly, so we were certainly well fed and watered.

Christmas Day with friends, under the sun umbrella

After a couple of days spent at Foxton, we plan to travel slowly up SH2 to Hawkes Bay.  Taking our time, and hopefully staying at a few out of the way places we had never been before.    We overnighted in Ashhurst, a lovely modest camp situated under huge old totara trees, and next door to a cemetery.  Some people wouldn’t enjoy camping in such close proximity, but as Robin says, the neighbours are very quiet!

Camping at Ashhurst

Coming along for the ride are my two embroidered Rudolf stockings, which always get brought as part of the caravan Christmas decorations.  I made one in a class several years ago, and thought it was so cute that I made a second one for Robin.  They are usually hung up either side of the bed over the reading light fittings.

Rudolf Stockings

Santa Bear always makes an appearance this time of year too.  He came dressed in a bright red jacket and hat, which I didn’t really like.  So I pulled it all apart to make a pattern, and made him a much nicer (in my view anyway) outfit in burgundy fabric to tone in with the caravan furnishings.

Santa Bear in his fur trimmed outfit

Just as we were leaving on our trip the other day, I received a parcel from my neighbour Dorothy.  She had kindly made me four small lace edged “food covers”, for the caravan, she said.  They will be very handy indeed – but I think I’ll keep two in the caravan, and use two at home
Gift from my neighbour

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas break.  I’ve been doing a little stitching, reading a book, and generally relaxing.  Do take care if you are travelling on the busy roads.


Kate said...

Such a lovely Christmas break, Jenny. I really like those 'food covers' - they're a great idea!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Happy Trails in your caravan. Sounds like you had a lovely meal. I have a recipe for fruit cake that calls for pineapple and one that uses canned peaches too and both are quite good. Travel safely Jenny and think of me now blanketed finally in the white stuff!