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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Trees and Carols

The “Avenue of Trees” returned to Levin after a break of a couple of years.  This year, businessman Harvey Bowler joined up with the Salvation Army to ensure that the popular event went ahead.  Businesses and organisations were invited to decorate a supplied tree, and 50 or so groups took up the challenge.  

Somewhere in the forest was the tree decorated by my quilt club.  And there it was,  “Handmade Fabric Art”, decorated by the Town and Country Quilters.

“Handmade Fabric Art” decorated by Town and Country Quilters

Nearby was a tree decorated by the Horowhenua Embroiderers Guild – some of our quilters belong to this group as well.  It was hung with all sorts of lovely hand made items.

“Embroidered Christmas Tree”, by Horowhenua Embroiderers Guild

There was such a happy angel on top of the tree decorated by the Levin Square and Round Dance Club.  Believe it or not - Robin and I did square dancing many years ago!  Although we didn’t enter competitions, we could allemande left, circle left or right, and square thru  with the best of them, all dressed up in our square dance finery.

Decorated by Levin Square and Round Dance Club 

There were trees decorated by our Vet practise, the local plumbing business, schools and kindergartens and a lovely Anzac themed tree covered with poppies and topped with an angel dressed in red from the Levin Home for War Veterans.

“Anzac”, decorated by Levin Home for War Veterans

With 50 trees or so to stop and admire, it took us quite some time to make our way around the hall.  We stopped at the Memorial Tree on the way out, wrote names on tags and hung them on the tree.  One for Robin’s Mum, and one for our next door neighbour who recently passed away.  Such a nice touch, we felt.  And we were kindly given a couple of packets of wild flower seeds, which will be planted in a pot sometime soon.

Then it was time for “Carols in the Car Park”.  Seats were set up and the crowds soon filled them, with lots of family groups arriving for an evening of Christmas Carols.  Song sheets were handed out and we sung along to all the old favourites, such as “Away in the Manger”, and “Silent Night”, to the music played by the Salvation Army Band. 



As well as enjoying the carols, we were entertained by several young performers.  Come and see them before they are famous, the programme said.  One young lad, aged 13, who had coloured his hair dark purple, had the most wonderful voice, and will be a heart throb to many young girls, I’m sure.  And this young lady, with her powerful voice, had me enthralled with her version of Leonard Cohen’s wonderful composition “Hallelujah”.


It was a wonderful pre-Christmas evening and so nice to see so many people joining in the fun.  Many thanks to the Salvation Army for organising the Christmas Carols, and providing hot drinks and home baked shortbread for the crowd.


Michelle Ridgway said...

What a lovely way to enjoy this special festive season. Beautiful trees. Merry Christmas Jenny x

Kate said...

Delightful! ♪♫♪♫

SuperMomNoCape said...

What a fantastic Christmas tradition your town has with all those decorated trees. So nice that someone took up the challenge to make sure it continued. The trees all look lovely!