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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Busy in the Kitchen

The Big Day is practically here, and after a lot of rushing around, I’m pleased to say that I’m almost ready.  We planned most of our shopping for early in the week so that we didn’t have to venture out into the chaos on the last shopping day before Christmas.  So we’ve stocked up with fresh veggies and fruit, purchased our free range eggs, and went to the growers to buy some lovely fresh berries to decorate the top of the pavlova.

And not forgetting the baking.  I’ve made my Christmas Cake, only my second time of doing this, I must admit.  What took me so long, I wonder?  Home made definitely is best.  This morning I covered it first with rolled almond icing (we love that stuff!) then slathered it with butter icing flavoured with a little vanilla essence.

Christmas Cake is ready

I’ve made shortbread – but why, I ask myself, don’t I just leave the recipe the way it is?  I thought it was a bit moist, so added extra flour – then of course it all fell to pieces when I was trying to cut it out!  So then I had to add a little more soft butter.  Luckily it all worked out in the end, thank goodness.

And Christmas baking isn’t finished till I’ve made a batch of Chocolate Cherry Slice.  With a base of melted chocolate, and the topping chock full of glace cherries in a coconut topping, it really is divine.  I only make it for Christmas or extra special occasions, as it is so rich, but it really is delicious.

Chocolate Cherry Slice

Muffy is the only one in the household who hasn’t been bothered by the Christmas rush.  She often has quite restless nights now she is getting on in years, and wanders around the house calling out and disturbing our sleep.  But once we are awake in the mornings and she has done her job in getting us up and dressed, she then sleeps like a little angel.  I don’t have the heart to disturb her so have to wait a little later in the morning before I can get the bed made.

We can’t disturb the cat!

Tomorrow will be a fairly relaxed day.  We will have our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of croissants warmed in the oven, stuffed with ham off the bone and cheese slices.  There will be phone calls to make to the family mid morning.  And friends will be joining us for a BBQ lunch, so that will be great. 


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

And Jenny is your Christmas cake a fruit cake? That is all I know for Christmas. Your cake looks perfect to me.
So hard to believe another year has slipped by. But here's hoping 2016 will be a better one for so much of the planet.

Jenny said...

Yes indeed, it is a lovely rich fruit cake, and also includes a can of crushed pineapple. I can't wait to try it!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

It all looks lovely and isn't the process of getting ready a pleasure too? I love all of that and am just having a wee break from food prep for our festivities tomorrow.. Merry Christmas to you two Romanys! xo

Nancy J said...

Well, I did a pile of baking, well ,lots of tins full, and mainly for friends. My shortbread, I flavoured with the tiny petals of lavender stalks. Yummy. The fruit cake, easy to so, and have done more banana loaves and lemon muffins today. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and best wishes to you both for the New Year.

Kate said...

All your goodies look and sound delicious! Enjoy.

Katie said...

If we had known it was going to be so ridiculously warm outside we could have planned a barbecue too! Merry Christmas to you and Robin. :-)

nestki said...

Merry Christmas, Jenny and Robin!

Jenny said...

Thank you all, for your Christmas Wishes. May you all have a lovely Christmas Day. Ours is now over, beautiful weather, great company, lovely gifts, and messages from the well grown up children, so now it is time to relax.