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Monday, December 7, 2015

A little shopping and a blog reader

There I was, concentrating on my shopping list as I moved around Spotlight in Palmy.  I had items on my list, such as a pair of knitting needles size 5.5mm.  Yes, I did have two in this size, but they were different lengths, so goodness knows where their partners ended up.  I’m slowly knitting myself a nice cosy woollen cardigan, and because the back and fronts were knitted all together, I used one of those new fangled (to me anyway) double ended needles with thin cord in the middle.  Don’t know what they are called but I’m sure the keen knitters out there could enlighten me.   I like to knit both sleeves at once, and wanted to go back to knitting needles for this part in the process.

PC050024I'm getting there slowly

What else?  Two cushion inners so that I can get on with the job of making my daughter two cushions for her Christmas gift.  And some brown felt and little black buttons to make the head of my Christmas yo-yo reindeer.  But  I can’t see him being completed in time for Christmas – not this year anyway.

PC050025 For my reindeer

As I was approaching the service counter, a customer being served said hello.  It was Joy, from Wanganui, an avid blog reader, and we had met once before.  She is not  just a quilty blog reader, she also reads Romany Rambler, our travel blog, and follows our travels as we tour around in our caravan.  Joy now has a “Bucket List” of places to visit, thanks to places we have visited with our caravan, and written about.  So “hello” back to you Joy, it was so nice to catch up with you, and know that the words and photos winging their way around cyberspace are read and appreciated.  Here is an earlier photo of Joy and her friend Judy, who introduced themselves to me at the Cotton On Quilt Show some months ago.

Joy and Judy at the Cotton On Quilt Show


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Circular needles. :)

Jenny said...

Thank you, I knew someone would know the correct name.

Katie said...

Yep. Circular needle. They are great! :-)