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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ticking off my List

Its been a busy old day today, but I’ve got a few items ticked off my list, so that’s a good feeling.  The washing is done and hanging outside in the sunny breeze, then I whizzed around with the vacuum cleaner, did some dusting and cleaned the bathroom.  Whew – I needed a cup of coffee after that little lot!  Then I took a trip down to the quilt shop to buy some batting for the Memory quilt I’m making – which took a wee while to get it all layered and pinned in place.  I’m so pleased that job is done, so now it is all ready to get on with the machine quilting  when I’m ready to cope with that job.

PA220010 Memory quilt pinned together

Later in the afternoon I did some baking to take away for our caravan weekend away.  Goodness knows why I decided to try a new recipe which I hadn’t made before?  Guess it will either be very nice or a big disaster.  We will have to try a bit when it cools down, and hope for the best.  I’ve got a chicken roasting in the oven so must put the roast veggies in too.  Robin has had a big trip away helping his mate so will starving hungry when he finally returns home.


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Oh you have the new caravan kiwiana print, isn't it sweet! The baches one is too, but I know caravans are closer to your heart :) Have a lovely weekend away!

NickiJ said...

I loved the sneek peek of the memory quilt - love those caravan prints! Best of luck with the quilting.