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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Parcel in the Mail

We enjoyed a four day weekend going to a caravan rally, not too far away in the beach town of  Foxton.  A sign at the edge of town says   “Welcome to Sunny Foxton”.    Unfortunately there was only one fine day out of the four when it was warm enough to sit outside, and I got on with the job stitching up my little kiddies jumper.  The other three days were cold and windy, with heavy rain on our final day.  Never mind, Spring weather is often temperamental, and we spent the weekend in the good company  of our caravan club buddies.

PA250003Enjoying the sunshine on the only sunny day of the weekend

There is always plenty of fun and laughter at our caravan rally weekends.  Imagine this – everyone sitting outside enjoying morning tea, when in walks the Ebola Inspector!  He is medically suited up from head to foot and had come to check out one of our members who was feeling a bit off colour, carrying a lethal looking length of tube.  Goodness knows where he intended to poke that.  The patient, Eileen, laughed so much she had tears running down her cheeks!

PA250008 Fun at Foxton

We arrived home on Monday to find more birthday cards and an overseas parcel in the letter box, plus a couple of Happy Birthday messages on the answer phone.  Carol from South Dakota sent me an interesting selection of goodies.  A floral pincushion, and a packet of Moda two and a half inch squares, tucked inside the  little gift bag – which was decorated with a floral brooch, and a Christmas pin.  I was pleased she enclosed a letter too, I love getting nice newsy letters.

PA280040 Gifts from pen-friend Carol

Some of my cards were cute too, including these two with a sewing theme, both from quilters, of course.

PA280042 Lovely birthday cards

PA280043Card from my daughter – telling me I’m not as young as I used to be!


Nancy J said...

Super card, it applies to us all at some time. Hope you miss the gale winds that are predicted, so far it's calm up here, and all going fairly well with Hugh, not 100%, but less pain, and sometimes leaving the crutches behind. Hope the inspector was happy with the results!! Cheers, Jean

Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

Oh that Ebola Inspector is so funny.Love the card. It sounds like a great few days away.

Happy days.