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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Sew Wots meet Rosie

It was another Sew Wot stitching morning, and this time Rae was the “hostess with the mostest”.  Goodness knows how I came to be the last one to arrive in the group, probably something to do with my poor sense of navigation and having to stop and read the road map.  Even though I’ve been to Rae’s house before several times, I can still lose my bearings.

This pretty little pin wheel quilt was made by Moira and is a donation for Ronald McDonald House.  Just the right size for a little one to snuggle under.

P9300008 Ronald McDonald House quilt

Most of us were doing hand stitching of some kind during the morning, while Pam was working diligently on her cosy woollen crotchet blanket. Heather’s shadow appliqué blocks are coming along well, she likes to keep her hands busy so it won’t take her too long at all to stitch all her pretty blocks.

P9300009  Moira and Pam hard at work

Mary is another in our group who is always busy on one project or other.  Today it was a set of pretty hexagon coasters in Christmassy colours.  These are finished with fancy hand stitching on the front.

P9300010 Mary’s Christmas coasters

After a delicious Morning Tea (thanks, Rae)  I went outside onto the deck to meet Rosie, the new member of the household.  Rosie is a pretty little dog and after barking soundly at me when I dared to open the door and step outside, settled down nicely for a photo shoot. 

P9300013 Pretty little Rosie

The Sew Wots spent another pleasant morning chatting, stitching, and enjoying a delicious morning tea.  Thanks ladies, it’s always nice to catch up with you all.  There was still a little snow on the top of the Tararua Ranges, I noticed, as I got into my car to drive home.  So out came the camera once again, this is a little different to what I see at home.

P9300014 View of the Tararua Ranges from Rae’s home

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