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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stitching in the Caravan

We have been away all week in the caravan, up to Hamilton, over to New Plymouth, and on to Wanganui.  While in New Plymouth, we stayed at “Pirongia Clydesdales”, a truly wonderful place with the most beautiful big horses.  Do check out our Romany Rambler blog to see what we got up to on our travels.

A lovely place to stay

With all this tripping around, only a little stitching got done.  I worked some more on a secret project.  The hand stitching is now done, and I must make it a priority when we return home to sit myself down in front of the sewing machine and complete it.  Then I can breath a sigh of relief that it will be completed in good time for the gift giving, when all will be revealed.

PA160059A little secret stitching

My knitting bag always comes on trips with us as well, and I’ve found some time to get the knitting needles out.  Up to the second sleeve now, so not much more to go on this little kiddies jumper.

PA160062 Did some knitting too

We will be home tomorrow, and I know what that means.  After the caravan is unpacked, the fridge washed out, the bathroom cleaned and the  floors vacuumed,  I will tackle all the washing.  Most unusually for me, I haven’t done any laundry while we have been away – that will need to be rectified, won’t it!  Wonder how many load it will take to get it all done?

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Nancy J said...

Hand stitching is always so good to have handy, wonder what the finish will be. Thanks for lovely words for us both, sleep and rest is a priority, wonder why!! Hugs to you both, Jean.