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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spinning at Hunterville

Now that’s a sight you don’t see very often – a couple of ladies sitting at their spinning wheels on the footpath outside the shops.  They were spinning in the sunshine, chatting away together, while keeping an eye out for any customers who may want to purchase something from their respective shops.  And quite happy to chat to me, and let me take a photo or two.  Spinning always looks a very restful occupation, I think, although I have never given it a try.

PA010005 Spinning in Hunterville

I had a look through the cooperative craft shop, full of lovely things, from quilts, to knitting and crotchet.  I was certainly impressed with this lovely quilt covered in old doilies, what a great way to display your family treasures.


PA010007Cushion with lots of lovely buttons

We made a couple of purchases, some local honey for the honey lover in the household, and I found some knitting cotton going at a bargain price.  Guess I’ll be knitting another cotton duster or two.  We tend to whizz by these small towns but they are always worth a stop to explore what is on offer, I feel, if we are not in too much of a hurry.  But I plan to stop and check this shop out again, next time we are in the area.

PA010029 Purchases at the co-op craft shop

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