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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Friendly Welcome to Cotton-On Quilters Exhibition

What a big surprise I had at the Cotton-On Quilters Exhibition.  There I was in the foyer, just having paid my entrance fee,  purchased a few raffle tickets, while waiting for Maria to arrive so we could look around the show together as planned.  Two ladies selling tickets for the raffle quilt beckoned me over, and asked if I was Jenny.  Well, of course I am!  Joy and Judy follow my blogs, this one Romany Quilting, and our other,  Romany Rambler, which relates stories of our caravan trips and outings.  It was lovely to meet you both ladies, and thank you so much for your friendly welcome and your kind words about my blogging efforts.  I’m sure I’m not the only blog writer who wonders if anyone out there is reading our blogs, and more importantly, enjoying them.  Introducing yourselves to me really made my day!!

PA040002 A friendly welcome from Joy and Judy

I’d never attended a Cotton-On exhibition before, and have to say that it was very well organised.  Lots of lovely quilts to admire, merchants galore, and most importantly, a cafe where we could sit down with a little something to revive ourselves.  Maria had brought Carolyn along with her from Marton to view the show, and the three of us wandered slowly up and down the rows.  Club members had taken a class recently with Claire Smith, well known for her love of spiky New Zealand Cabbage Trees and flaxes.  These wall-hangings certainly call out “Kiwi”, don’t they?

PA040003 From a Claire Smith class

I could have quite easily have taken “Warm Wishes” home with me.  The pink and green colour scheme would fit so well in my bedroom.  Made by Maureen Govenlock, it was inspired by a pattern from a Quiltmaker magazine.

Warm Wishes

“Colours of Asia”  was a particular favourite of Carolyn’s, she said, as we stopped in front of it.  I can see why, those colours glow.    Pauline Walton bought off-cuts of Thai silk during a trip to Bangkok, and stitched her lovely quilt, making it a memory of her time there.

PA040022 Colours of Asia

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of stitchery in quilts, and “Teddy at Play”  has stitcheries galore along with pieced blocks, all in lovely a soft and subtle colour way.  Rosemary Neilson purchased the kit from Grandmother’s Garden shop, and enjoyed doing the hand stitching as she was resting from a shoulder operation.


PA040027Teddy at Play

Veronica Davidson stitched “Mile a Minute”  with her  Quirky Quilters Friday group.  With a name like that, these must be fun loving ladies indeed.  I love the addition of the flowers on this quilt, gives it quite a lift.

PA040039 Mile a Minute

I think we all must suffer from “Quilter’s Brain” sometimes.  Another one by Maureen Govenlock, sourced from the internet.

PA040008 A Quilter’s Brain

There were so many beautiful quilts on display that I’ll just have to share some more tomorrow.


Annette said...

We are here reading both your blogs..... & .love the "zipper quilt" behind the ladies!
Take care Jenny.

Jenny said...

Thank you so much, Annette, I appreciate your comment