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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Marton Arts and Crafts Exhibition

I wondered if I would be lucky enough to see some quilts at the Marton Art and Crafts exhibition.  Yes, there were, along with pottery, glass, bronze pieces, weaving, embroidery and paintings.  Arts and Crafts are alive and well in Marton, and the Centre caters for all taste, it seems.


There was only one problem.  Photography of the exhibition was not permitted unless I had the express permission of each maker.  Bother!!  But then I met up with Maria, DIL of former caravanning friends, who was on white glove duty for the morning.  She was my own private curator as we walked around the exhibition (the hall was not busy at all)  and joined me while I indulged in a Devonshire Tea.  Maria posed happily while she showed me her recently completed Saddle Bag.  It’s so roomy, she even keeps her small laptop inside!

PA020002  Maria with her Saddle Bag

Maria’s friend Sue was also on duty, and was happy to show me her work in the exhibition, directing me over to her lovely orange and cream bag, .  Thank goodness – I had visions of a blog post with no photos.

PA020010 Sue’s bag

There were only two quilts at the show  I was able to photograph, more of Sue’s work.  “Cats, Dogs and Friends”  was purchased as a kit and is a  Lynette Anderson design.

PA020008 Cats, Dogs and Friends

“Throw with Daisies” was made by Sue  in lovely country colours.  An elongated four patch, with appliquéd daisies as the alternate blocks, it it just right to snuggle under.

PA020003 Throw with Daisies

And lastly, Sue told me she had so much fun working on her Christmas Stocking, she was often found stitching it in her night attire.  Oops, maybe that was to be a secret!  The Father Christmas Stocking was purchased as a kit, and is heavily embellished with beads and sequins.

PA020006 Father Christmas Stocking

Thanks so much to Maria and Sue for allowing me to show their work. Being such keen quilters, we are meeting up again on Saturday at the Cotton On Quilters Exhibition at Wanganui – should be fun.

Later in the day we called around to see my blogging friend Jean who writes her All Points of the Compass blog.  Over a cuppa and a chat, she brought out her lovely batik block of the month quilt she is working on.  Lots of lovely colours and fabrics here.

PA020014 Jean’s work in progress

So I had a lovely quilty day.  It was so nice to catch up with Maria and Jean again, thanks ladies and especially Sue, who I had only just met, for sharing your work with me.


Nancy J said...

Hi Jenny, as I look at your photo, you and my other friend are so right, the blue is too deep and vivid, green so much better. Maybe I need to abandon the firewood for several weeks and work on those blocks. Lovely you did manage a few photos at the show.Hope Wanganui is fine for you. Cheers, Jean.

Katie said...

I know this is silly but I had to read “Throw With Daisies” several times before I realized it was a throw-sized quilt and nobody was throwing daisies. lol I just got home from a long quilt guild meeting. Maybe I should go to bed! :-)