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Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to me

It was my birthday yesterday and the postman had brought me a couple of parcels from my quilty pen friends which I had been saving to open on the day.  I had phone calls from my son and daughter too, plus from a couple of friends, so that was lovely too.  Janet from Cromer, UK, had made me a lovely little “mug rug” in pinks and blues, so pretty, and has my name embroidered on it too.  And Glennis from Chipping Norton sent me a cute little fold up shopping bag, from Marks and Spencers. 

PA230013 All the way from England

Goodness knows where my daughter Nicky found this gorgeous little wooden box, with a sewing theme.  Very appropriate for a stitcher, of course.  I love it, and will have to put it pride of place in my sewing room. 

PA230014 Pretty little box from my daughter

Robin and I went shopping for my pressie, and came home with “The Great New Zealand Cookbook” for my birthday gift.  I’ve only had a quick flick through so far, so there is sure to be plenty of inspiration in these pages.

PA230015 From Robin

We are away in the caravan for the long Labour Day weekend, so there is sure to be a few more birthday cards in the letter box when we return home.  And maybe if I’m really lucky, there may even be another parcel waiting for me!


Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday Jenny, lovely box, and more goodies to come, that is the best part, waiting to see the mail box with something that is just for you. safe travels. Jean.

nestki said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!
from Lindsay in California

Jenny said...

Thanks very much for your birthday wishes, ladies

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! :-D