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Friday, January 3, 2014

Last day of the Holiday

It’s the last day of our Foxton holiday, and we are sitting inside the caravan with the rain is pouring down outside.  But I’ve put the afternoon down-time to good use.  Out came my knitting bag, my box of pins and the large  bodkin.  I’ve been industriously sewing up the shoulder seams of my current knitting project, and knitted the neck band.  These things always take way longer than you would think, don’t they?  But I’m one step closer to completion, and pleased with my couple of hours of work tucked up inside the caravan. 

There’s no chance of sitting outside today, in fact the weather hasn’t been as good as we had expected.  Although we’ve had a reasonable amount of sunshine, this has been accompanied by strong winds, more often than not, and passing showers.  Just as well we are returning home tomorrow, some of the food in the fridge is getting low.  Except for the ham – that will last for ages, I expect.  And we finished off the last of the Christmas Cake, that must be a sign to return home. 

We are having a “Farewell Dinner” down at the local Boat Club tonight - they have a great little restaurant there.  A night off from cooking duties is always a bonus!

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