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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Parcel

Arrived back home yesterday after a couple of weeks away in the caravan to a nice surprise.  The neighbours had kindly rescued a courier parcel for me.  Although we put a “Hold” on the mail this service doesn’t extend to parcels which seem to be delivered by couriers – or junk mail, for that matter.  The rest of our mail will be delivered tomorrow – wonder if there will be any other little quilty surprises waiting there for me?

My pen-friend Carol from South Dakota had stitched a panel featuring a quilt shop – with the suggestion to make it up into a bag.  As every quilter knows, you can never have enough bags to store your projects in.  I’ll have to look around for something suitable for the back and lining.

P1050013 Christmas gift from Carol

For Christmas both Robin and I received a voucher from the wonderful Herb Farm Cafe in the Manawatu.  We have been there before and they have great food, so that is two lunch outings we can plan for a little later.  Grand-daughter Megan gave me a cute little gift, a pretty key ring with silver coloured charms and pieces of tape measures.  It’s quite small and dainty so  I’m going to clip it on to my scissors – then they will be easily recognisable at any classes or quilty get-togethers.

P1050014 Pretty gift from grand-daughter Megan

Now we are home from our Christmas trip away, I’m not even thinking of what’s hiding away in my sewing room.  There’s Christmas wall-hangings and decorations to pack away first, and the “normal” things to put back in place.  Robin has to climb back up the ladder and unhook the Christmas lights which are strung up outside, but the heavy rain has put paid to that job at the moment. 

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