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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Easing into the New Year

I’ve eased into sewing today, just taking things quietly.  No sewing on my million and one UFOs, I’m sad to say, but I’ve done a little mending.  Then altered the legs on a pair of light trousers from full length to three quarters – so much cooler to wear in the summer.  Then I prepared and stitched on the label for my Christmas quilt, so it’s good to get that completed.

I’ve also been busy at the computer, and I’ve just completed my “quilt documentation” for the projects I completed in 2013.  Such as the tote bags I made for the grand-daughters, small gift bags I sent out during the year, and my Christmas quilt.  (Why I don't do each one as soon as I've finished each project is beyond me).  It’s no good me feeling too smug, as although I’m up to date with the current projects, I still have to document some of my older quilts.  Carefully tucked away in various envelopes are samples of the fabrics used for each project, when and where made, if in a class perhaps, who it was made for, and other necessary information.   Photos too of course, and it is easy these days to print a photo onto the page.  I slip each page with their fabric samples (and sometimes sewing notes) into a plastic pocket, and then into a ring binder.  I’m slowly working through this backlog, and when I finally finish, I really will be up to date. 

I use two folders for this, one for quilts, and the second for other stuff such as bags, cushions, table runners, Santas, or anything else.  I love to flick through my folders occasionally, look back at what I’ve made, and check the dates of some of the early quilts – “I made it that long ago”.   Does anyone else keep a record of all their completed work?  And in what format?  Do tell!

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