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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bunny Blanket Bunny

With some yarn left after finishing my little baby cardigan, I wondered what to do with it.  I just hate having those part balls hanging about, don’t you?  Then I remembered a free pattern I had downloaded on the internet, called Bunny Blanket Buddy.  I didn’t have the correct yarn, so mine is a lot smaller, though just as cute. 


This little bunny must be a girl, I’ve decided, and she is one of those “flat” toys.  When I find someone to gift my little baby cardy too, the bunny can go along too.  They look so nice together, I think. 



Nancy J said...

Lovely cardigan and super wee bunny, so good to have something so special that go together. Cheers, Jean.

Shirley said...

Perfect for little hands to grab onto and cuddle.