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Thursday, January 16, 2014

For the Baby Box

Is it our destiny to turn into our Mothers?  My Mother liked to knit little baby jumpers, and these ended up in her baby box. All ready when someone produced a new baby.  Family members came first, of course, and she liked to have plenty on hand as the grand children came along, then her great-grand children.  But anyone at all qualified for an item out of her box.  Neighbours, friends who were having grand children, and local shop keepers too.

My knitting time tends to be in the car when we go away on trips, so things can take quite some time to finish.  Currently I’m using up  skeins of wool which were rediscovered when we packed up to shift house last year.  If the quantity was enough to make a small child’s jumper, I kept it, otherwise all those part balls were donated to the Op Shop.  My current project was finished over the New Year, then stitched together, the bands knitted, and I finally sewed the buttons on yesterday. 

P1150006 Waiting for a new baby

The finished item is tiny, and the pattern has a family history.  I made one just like it for my grand-daughter Emma quite some years ago, (she is now 24).  The pattern is Thoroughbred #1155, and it is knitted in 8 ply.  It’s going to be put away safe and sound in my baby box, waiting for my first great-grand child, perhaps?

Now – what shall I knit next?  I’m still using up wool from the old days.  I’m in no hurry to finish things, just like to have something on the go that I can pick up when I feel like it.

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