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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Herb Farm

While camping at the very pretty Ashhurst Domain for a couple of days, we visited the nearby Herb Farm.   Started by Lynn Kirkland 20 years ago,  the bare paddocks have been developed into the wonderful herb garden it is today.  The company manufactures 100% natural skincare and healthcare products which are sold throughout New Zealand.  My daughter Nicky works here and just loves her job with the Herb Farm.  After  working in various areas of the business including accounts and  labelling she now heads the manufacturing department.

DSCF4374 Herb Farm gardens

Nicky took time from her busy day and joined us and our caravan friends for lunch at the Herb Farm Cafe.  I bravely decided to try something new and tried Eggs Benedict for the very first time.  Very tasty, but oh, so rich!  A song thrush kept us entertained as he hopped around from chair to chair looking for titbits. 

DSCF4372 Song thrush inside the cafe

The ladies in our group took time to look around the adjacent shop and try some of the tester pots. I just love the smell of lavender and came away with a couple of lavender products – I’ll be trying a little lavender spray on my pillow tonight to see if it lulls me into sweet scented sleep!

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Nancy J said...

lovely place Jenny, and the cafe!!! Ashurst Domain sounds great, will go and see very soon. I like the idea of power and toilets that flush!!! Cheers from Jean.