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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Housework – caravan style

Housework doesn’t take too long when you are travelling around in a caravan.  Once the bed is made, and the dishes are done, you are almost  there.  The bathroom got a quick going over.  No laundry today (I did it yesterday)  but just look at that floor!  There is dried grass tracked in from outside, and bits of fluff all over the floor.  Luckily we are on a power site yesterday at the Rangiwahia Domain (that’s a bonus in the middle of nowhere)  so out came the vacuum cleaner from under the bed.  Let’s do it early, we decided, before the day gets too hot - Robin helped too.  There, all done!

Muffy needs a bit of a comb through, she is really feeling the heat with all that hair.  She loves to get groomed, and lies completely at ease as I have her lying on her back,  head down and legs in the air.  Then she gets put on one side, then on the other.  As I’m busy combing her coat, she helps by licking any bits that she can reach.

DSCF4336 Combing Muffy

There now, the caravan is tidy – till we bring some more bits of grass in from outside.  Muffy has been groomed and will be feeling a little cooler now some of her loose hair has been combed out.  And we have been staying at a lovely peaceful bit of rural paradise.  All’s well in our world!

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