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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Eggs, Undies and Ice-cream)

No red roses, diamonds, chocolates or even cards changed hands in our household, or should I say, our caravan, today.  But the morning got off to a good start as Robin cooked up some scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.  Made with free range eggs with the addition of a good slurp of cream, they were deliciously creamy and  tasty. 

A trip to the Otaki Outlet shops mid morning led me to Bendons.  I was after some knickers, and whoopee, they had the sort I always buy on sale.  I commented to the sales lady that I should really be checking out the bras on sale, but it was just too hard to rush around finding what fits.  No problem – the nice young lady measured me, suggested a particular brand which would suit me best, found one in the correct size, and left me to try it on. It fitted well, and at 30% discount, I bought three.  Bras and knickers  are not in the same league as a negligee or camisole on Valentine’s Day, but they suit me fine!

DSCF4526 A bag full of new undies

In the afternoon we walked down the road to “Koro Ice”, a local company on SH1 who make the most delicious ice-cream on the premises.  They also specialise in real fruit ice-cream and gelato.  We sat and enjoyed our full to overflowing waffle cones – in my case it was a race against time to get it finished before it all melted and ran down my hand.  I asked one of the other customers if she would mind taking our photo “for Valentine’s Day”.  Wonder what she thought of a couple of oldies like us having a Valentine’s Day ice-cream together?

DSCF4521 Enjoying our ice-creams

We’ll finish the day going out for an evening meal somewhere.  Not quite sure where yet, we will drive up town to see what is open.  I do hope you having a great day, whether you are sharing it with a partner, family or friends, or maybe you have spent the day stitching your current masterpiece.  As long as everyone gets the chance to do what they really enjoy, we should all be having a great Valentine’s Day.

Mind you - my day wasn’t completely without drama though, you can read all about it here, if you would like a laugh. 


Nancy J said...

Outlet shops, a real treat, My Day? I spent some time at the Bernina machine, sewed Hugh's merino long johns!! (very romantic) my own merino thick weight trousers,( ditto), 3 fleece hats, a camping necessity, and watched Breakfast when the lovely man from NZ Fire Service proposed live on TV, asked the lovely lady to marry him, and presented her with the stunningly beautiful Michael Hill diamond ring. For me, that was a perfect start to the 14th February!!! Hope you can see, to eat the perfect dinner!! Cheers from Jean

Jenny said...

Yes Jean, wasn't that a lovely proposal - live on TV. He certainly was an "Officer and a Gentleman", picking her up and carrying her away. So romantic!

Katie said...

You are too funny. But I agree. Comfortable undies at a bargain price are sometimes the best gift you can give yourself. Happy Valentine's Day to you both! :-)