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Monday, February 18, 2013

Memories are made of this…..

While packing up our house prior to moving out one of the jobs I did was sort through my plastic crate of knitting wool.  I found a couple of unopened packs of knitting wool – kept those for future projects, of course.  Odd and partial balls of wool went to the op shop, as did a whole swag of knitting patterns.  I came across four balls of navy double knitting, just enough to make a little toddler sized jumper, I thought.  The little jumper is now finished, stitched up, buttons for the neck purchased and sewn on.  I don’t do a whole lot of knitting these days, but it  doesn’t look too bad at all.

DSCF4506 Knitting project – finished!

Knitting this little jumper really brought back memories.  I remember knitting this same pattern in light blue for my little toddler Michael many years ago.  My little boy is now – gulp – 48!  The pattern is Patons 1845, and is knitted in double knit wool. 

With my two grand-daughters now aged 23 and 18, I’m planning ahead for the time I’m a Great-Nana.  There are already several items tucked away in a box, some bibs, a knitted baby blanket, another little jumper, and a cot quilt.  The grand-daughters aren’t at all impressed with my forward planning, and just roll their eyes at me and say, “Oh, Nana!” in an exasperated tone of voice.  But I’m still waiting patiently, the great-grandbabies will come in their own good time, I’m sure. 

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